I'm proud to introduce today a new converter that has been in the works for a very long time: Daedalus!

When I started this project it was to make a working converter but with some restrictions:

- No need for a computer to take updates.
- No need to adjust the timing of the device.
- No need to add on any upgrade boards.
- No need to add 40+ wires.
- No need to add a new power supply.
- No scaling issues.
- Would work for newer condition systems as well as older more worn systems.
- Won't require two people to insert and remove a game.
- No need to buy 3 versions.

My list was quite a challenge and I required over a year to make sure every point was met. I've had a version of every production converter ever made and all were doc-umented, some were upgraded. Only by understanding the issues of the past converters can you really move forward with a new one.

I went with the Pranslation style converter due to feedback from owners of the top loading converters. Most didn't like a game standing almost two carts high above the system. The top loading designs also add more stress on your system, Phantom-1 owners will know what I mean first hand.

Daedalus was designed to take all of the MVS carts weight off the cart slots and place it on the converters case. The inner converter boards are not forced forward and use new cart slots that push far outside the case.

Cartridge Slots:
Each connector has 120 pins (60 on each side). Each pin is measured in pounds of force. The MVS original cart slots were measured at 1lb of force. The Phantom-1's cart slots were measured at 9lb's of force. While in testing a pair of cart slots with a insertion force of 1lb with a side design would run the risk of the MVS cart slipping out of the converter and hitting your system. We know that 9lb's is far too high so I went with new cart slots that measured 5lb's of force. This allows the MVS cart to stay connected with no worry of it falling out and is much easier to use than the Phantom-1 was.

Does anyone really test every game before they release a new converter? I'm unable to speak for the other groups but I have personally played every SNK title that doesn't require special hardware on Daedalus - and they work. Examples of special hardware would be the original Irritating Maze which does run 100% but is unplayable as it needs a trackball add-on. The add-on's are not converter related but if the missing hardware is added the games do work. Another example is FastStriker v1.0 - this game does work with Daedalus but requires a new backup ram upgrade board added to your home system before it will start.

The PCB's used in this design were adjusted to have thicker copper layers which helps on all systems to allow the games to work perfectly the first time.

Every NeoGeo revision as well as all power supplies were tested with all original SNK games. If your home system can run any of the newer home releases you will be able to run this converter just fine. NG Dev Team titles have been tested to work as well as the 150 and 161 multigame carts. Metal Slug X works on all neo revisions.

If you should find any original SNK MVS cart that has trouble with Daedalus you can contact me directly via email or use the tech forum. I've requested from the forum moderators a converter and upgrade forum to use for support.

Limited Edition:
I've set the total production run for this converter to be at 100 only. Each unit comes with a custom printed box, instruction insert and one converter. Each converter has a tamper proof holographic serial number sticker added to the bottom of the cart. It was placed in such a way where it can be seen but will not be hit by the system while in use. This products ID number is 205xx with the first converter leaving with serial number 20501.

Six converters will be ready to ship as of this post. The next set will be ready in the new year.

I would like to extend a very special thanks to Debujin for all his work. I honestly couldn't have done it without your help. Please take the time to visit his gallery at http://debureturns.deviantart.com.

The cost of the converter is $395.00 CND. Shipping cost will depend on your area.



New in original retail packaging.

This is the most advanced MVS to AES converter available. These will all be the latest version 4's. Of those sold in the past, only two were v4's. All boards were made in red (see last pic above), which has not been seen since the first 5 converters.

The ultimate in compatibility: Every Neo-Geo revision as well as all power supplies were tested with all original SNK games and confirmed to work with the Daedalus. Metal Slug X works on all neo revisions, and even the 150 and 161 multigame carts work!

The only NG:DEV.TEAM titles confirmed to work are Last Hope: Pink Bullets and Fast Striker version 1.1. However, Gun Lord does NOT work with the Daedalus (or any other converter).

  • No need to add a new power supply.
  • No scaling issues.
  • Side loading.
  • Made in Canada.


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