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News about update. 26!
게시일: 2019-10-18 17:57:00

We're back with another Devstream, and this one comes with a lot of assets and gameplay, so buckle in! Learn more about the Kuva Lich system, our plans for Melee Phase 2, update. 26, and more in our overview below.



  • As always, don’t miss the usual Gift of the Lotus alerts, live for 24 hours after the stream. Rewards this week are an Orokin Reactor Blueprint and an Ember Noggle!

  • 로터스의 선물 얼럿: 오로킨 리액터 도면/앰버 노글

  • Atlas Prime Access is out!

  • 아틀라스 프라임 액세스 출시중

  • Nightwave Intermission is coming on October 21!

  • 10/21에 새로운 나이트웨이브 출시

  • Tenno can expect a Halloween event on all platforms next week.

  • 다음주에 새로운 할로윈 이벤트

Melee Phase 2

밀리 페이즈 2

Building on the Melee changes from earlier this year, Phase 2 introduces devastating new combat techniques, smoother combos, the return of manual blocking and more! This will be a recap of the overall changes, but you can read about this phase in detail in our beefy Dev Workshop here: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1134482-dev-workshop-melee-rework-phase-2-technique/

For simplicity’s sake, I will be breaking this down into categories. Before we get started, an important part of this update. is the new stats available in your Arsenal to help you best understand how your melee weapon works.

Equipping Melee and Manual Blocking!

  • We are combining pre-Phase One Melee and post-Phase One Melee swapping to get the best of both worlds. Fluidity between melee and weapons still exists, but now you can press-hold the weapon swap key to fully equip your melee weapon. In this mode, you will be able to aim-glide with melee and block while aiming.

  • 근접 무기만을 사용하는 것이 이제 가능. 에임 글라이드 도중 근접 무기 사용/조준중 블로킹 시전 가능

  • Blocking now blocks 100% of damage, and is dependent on your weapon angle, which varies by weapon type.

  • 블로킹시 100%데미지 감소, 시선과 무기에 따라서 막을수 있는 각도가 변화



Dodge Cancel and Tactical Dodging -- aka animation cancels during combos

닷지 캔슬/택티컬 닷지

  • Dodge Cancel - Allows a player to activate a dodge any time during a melee attack to end the combo immediately and dodge out of the way.

  • 닷지 캔슬-근접 도중 콤보를  취소시키고 즉시 회피


  • Tactical Dodging - Dodging while blocking now performs this Tactical Dodge, keeping the distance short, and allowing you to remain within melee range.

  • 택티컬 닷지-회피 도중 블로킹 시전시 발동. 근접 공격이 가능한 범위 안에서 회피



Heavy Attacks Replacing Channelling

헤비 어택이 채널링을 교체

  • Channelling is no more, and the channelling button is now used for Heavy Attacks! For mods that used Channelling, check out the Dev Workshop to see how their functionality changes.

  • 채널링 버튼은 헤비 어택을 위해 사용. 채널링 관련 모드는 개편 예정

  • Heavy Attacks can be used at any time, and we are introducing a special Heavy Slam Attack that uses your combo counter with a fun new effect. This will create a new effect on targets, known as the LIFTED STATUS. When a target is Lifted, it is held suspended in the air, allowing a player to follow up on attacks while the target is held helplessly aloft.

  • 헤비 어택은 언제든지 사용가능. 특수 헤비 슬램 어택-콤보 카운터 소모. 시전시 새로운 효과인 "띄워짐" 상태를 발생시킴.

  • 해당 상태의 적은 무방비 상태로 자유로이 공격 가능



Other Things of Note:

  • All melee weapons are getting rebalanced with this new mode, including MR requirement changes. Some melee mods are also being tweaked.

  • 모든 근접 무기들은 리밸런스 대상. 일부 밀리 모드는 수정 예정

  • As seen with Wukong’s rework, we are simplifying stance combos to make it easier to try out different weapon types. A full break-down of these combos can be seen in the Dev Workshop (link above).

  • 오공 리워크 처럼 스탠스 콤보는 다른 무기 사용이 쉬워지도록 간략화될 예정

  • Certain unique functionality mods are also being moved to systems that better make use of them. Covert Lethality is going to the Parazon (see Kuva Lich below for details), for example, since that one-hit kill fits the theme of that system better.

  • 코버트 리썰리티는 파라존으로 옮겨질 예정(하단의 쿠바 리치 참조)

Kuva Lich System

쿠바 리치 시스템

To recap, Kuva Liches are custom enemies to you depending on how you first kill them. They are immortal, in a way -- not permanently killable they way you can decimate other enemies in game. DPS isn’t the solution, but it helps you fight them off when they visit you in-mission.

쿠바 리치는 어떤 방식으로 첫번째 처치를 달성하는가에 따라서 달라지는 특수한 적. 죽지 않는-영원히 죽지 않는 것은 아니지만-이들은 dps를 올리는 것만으로 상대할수 없는 적

Parazon and Defeating Liches

  • The Parazon is a new item entirely in your kit, combining a bunch of functionalities you are used to in Warframe already. It will be used to brutalize Kuva Liches, but also to hack panels, revive teammates, and capture targets.

  • 파라존은 새로운 소모품. 쿠바 리치를 살해하거나, 패널을 해킹하거나, 동료를 부활시키거나, 아니면 목표를 포획하는데에 사용 가능

  • It comes with its own new set of immortal mods. You need to find the correct combination of these mods to discover the “kill phrase” of your Lich to finally defeat them, but the mods themselves offer stat benefits when fighting the Liches too.

  • 전용 모드들과 함께 등장. 리치를 처치하기 위해서는 이 모드를 올바르게 배열할 필요가 있으며 독자적으로는 리치들과의 싸움에서 각종 스테이터스 보너스 제공

  • If you grew attached to your Kuva Lich, you can “convert” them instead by uncorrupting the Kuva within them. Doing so which will turn them into a follower who will help you when you most need it.

  • 쿠바 리치가 마음에 들었다면 포획해서 아군으로 사용하는 것도 가능


  • When visiting nodes that have a Lich’s influence on them, the Lich will steal some of your rewards from you. Defeating them will return many of your rewards, in addition to their unique weapon.

  • 리치의 영향력이 미치고 있는 노드에서 리치는 보상을 일부 훔쳐가며 이들을 처치할시 도둑맞은 이 보상과 그들의 무기를 손에 넣을수 있음

  • The weapons you earn from defeating Liches will now offer Mastery Rank per weapon type. (not individually as they are all unique)

  • 종류별로 마스터리 랭크를 제공

Power Inversion

  • As a Warframe, you are used to kicking the butt of any enemy who crosses your path. Kuva Liches won’t be taken down that easily, and in fact can turn the tables on you. If you’re not able to take down your Lich, get ready for a taste of your own medicine with these custom finishers:

  • 쿠바 리치들은 강적이며 전용 피니시 동작을 보유


Bonus Kuva Lich Heads

쿠바 리치 머리 샘플

  • Here’s a look at the custom heads for the Kuva Liches:


update. 26 - Coming to PC Soon!

업데이트 26Steve tentatively committed to releasing update. 26 next week on PC. Here’s an update. on what to expect, in addition to the Melee Phase 2 Changes and Kuva Lich system outlined above:

Respec Rewards

  • With the Melee Phase 2 Changes, and the Vauban and Ember Reworks, Tenno who log in after the update. (within a yet-to-be-announced time) will receive Forma, boosters, and a Legendary Core in their inbox to help them respec their gear.

  • 업데이트 이후 로그인하는 모든 인원에게  포르마, 부스터, 레전더리 코어 제공



  • We’ve talked at length about his abilities in previous Devstreams, but now we are pleased to announce he will be getting jiggle physics on his belly depending on the number of enemies you have consumed.

  • 그렌델이 삼킨 적의 수에 따라서 다른 종류의 물리효과 제공

  • To get Grendel, you can buy special mission keys from Arbitration rewards for Vitus Essence. These missions come with an extra on-theme challenge, and guarantee a Grendel piece upon completion.

  • 그렌델은 비터스 에센스로 중재 보상에서 구매 가능한 특수 미션 키로 출입하는 미션에서 등장. 이 미션에서는 추가 과제가 등장하며 완수시 확정적으로 그렌델 부품이 드랍

Vasca Kavats

바스카 카밧

  • Vampire Kavats, now officially named Vasca Kavats, can be acquired using gear from Master Teasonai. You can also get Vasca Floofs from him in exchange for the appropriate tags.

  • 타소나이에게서 특수한 장비를 얻어서 획득 가능. 특정 태그 제공시 관련 플루프 획득 가능

Exilus Mods for Weapons

무기용 엑실러스 모드

  • Reb gave an example of the current mods we are considering for Exilus status on your Primary and Secondary weapons. This slot will be focused on utility mods, including ones that affect stability, ammo, silence, and aim glide.

  • 유틸성에 중심-안정성,탄약,소음,에임 글라이드 등

Arbitration Ayatan Sculpture

중재 아야탄 조각상

  • We are iterating on feedback about Arbitrations rewards and moving a few things around -- in doing so, we are also adding a unique Ayatan Sculpture to the Arbitration Honors store:

  • 중재에 새로운 아야탄 조각상추가



Railjack Skins

레일잭 스킨Here are some concepts for additional Railjack models for those interested in customizing their ships:


Hydroid Deluxe Skin

하이드로이드 디럭스 스킨Designed by the wonderful Liger Inuzuka!


We are changing our tonemapping tech to prevent contrast fatigue on your eyes. This is a pretty technical change, but you can see some helpful before/afters in the clip below:

눈의 피로감을 막기 위해서 일부 그래픽 조정



Other Tidbits:

  • Armor Scaling - we say every year that we are going to address this, but with Melee Phase 2 we are starting to rip off the bandaid a bit.

  • 아머 스케일링- 밀리 페이즈 2와 함께 아머를 살짝 덜어낼 예정

  • The new Orbiter will not come with update. 26.

  • 업데이트 26에서 새로운 오비터는 나오지 않을 것

  • The Arsenal is changing slightly, which can be seen in the Melee Phase 2 section. This is to accommodate for the new Parazon, but also makes the Vehicles tab more accessible easily. If you found Gauss’ Prex in the Leverian, here is a sneak peek at other Prexes you can find in-game in the future:

  • 무기고 변경 예정. 레비리안에서 새로운 보상 출현 예정


Have a great weekend, Tenno! :)




Coming soon to PC and Consoles!
게시일: 2019-10-18 15:09:00

The dead shall rise again, and their vengeance will be swift and merciless. In The Old Blood update, take on the Kuva Lich, your personal villain; trample your prey as the ravenous Grendel; cleave through flesh and bone with the robust Melee Phase 2 rework; utilize Vauban and Ember’s revamped Ability Kits; and collect a smorgasbord of new Gear and Customizations.

죽은 자들이 일어나고 그들의 복수는 재빠르고 무자비할 것입니다




Like a predator, Grendel barrels in to feast on the cruel and corrupted. Despite his fearsome appearance, Grendel is a noble spirit whose generosity is matched only by his insatiable hunger. Visit the Leverian to begin your hunt for Grendel.

레비리안에 방문해서 그렌델을 찾기 위한 여정을 시작하세요


패시브Each enemy consumed grants bonus armor.

포식한 적 수에 따라서 추가적인 아머 보너스 제공

Swallow an enemy whole and store it in Grendel’s gut. Not satisfied? Keep eating, but beware -- each foe in Grendel’s belly slowly consumes energy. Hold to vomit out stored enemies covering them in toxic bile.


적을 통채로 잡아먹어버립니다. 잡아먹힌 적은 에너지를 소모합니다. 1번을 계속해서 누를 경우 삼켜진 적은 토사물이 되어서 배출됩니다

Consume the enemies in Grendel’s gut and nourish nearby squad members with a radial buff.


잡아먹은 적을 소화시키며 아군에게 버프를 줍니다

Violently puke out a bile-soaked enemy from Grendel’s gut, turning the consumed into a toxic projectile.


삼켜진 적을 일제히 토해내면서 적은 유독성 투사체로 돌변합니다.

Engorged from feeding, Grendel curls into a ball and sends any enemies in his path flying.


거대한 구체로 돌변하여 적들을 뭉개버립니다


당신의 전용 악당

We maggots live — not long… We hope. More life. Work. Kill… maybe Queens notice.

우리 구더기들은 산다-오래는 못 산다...우리의 희망은. 더 많은 삶, 일, 살인...여왕께서 알아차릴지 몰라.

Maybe they share. The old blood.

오래된 피를 가지고 있을지도 몰라

Kuva lich

Tenno, you are not the only one with the gift of resurrection. The most worthy Grineer soldiers are receiving the power of Kuva. Strike these Kuva-Spiked Grineer down and they shall rise again, stronger and more ruthless than before.

부활의 권능은 당신만의 것이 아닙니다.

가장 우수한 그리니어 병사들은 쿠바의 힘을 하사받습니다.

이들을 쓰러트리십시오. 그리고 이들은 이전보다 더욱 강력해져서 돌아올 것입니다.

Their goal? To take you down.

Land the killing blow on a Kuva-Spiked Grineer, and their death triggers their rebirth into your Kuva Lich. Your Lich will claim territory in the Origin System, using their influence to build a following of loyal Thralls. Track these lesser beings down and gather intel on the Lich's whereabouts. Your squadmates may help you in the process, but only you can give your Kuva Lich its final taste of fear with the Parazon ⁠— the hidden blade of the Tenno. Be warned: If you manage to defeat your Lich, another may rise to take its place.

쿠바 리치는 근원계에 자리잡고 충성스러운 부하들을 늘려갈 것입니다.이 하인들부터 시작해서 이들의 위치를 알아내세요. 동료들이 이 과정을 도와줄수는 있어도 마지막 일격-텐노의 숨겨진 칼날, 파라존-을 날리는 것은 당신의 몫입니다.

만일 리치가 처치된다고 해도 안심하지는 마세요. 다른 이들이 나타날수도 있으니까 말이죠.

We are maggots. But… eventually… even maggots.. Can fly.

우리는 구더기다. 하지만....결국에는...구더기들도...날아오르는 법이지


밀리 페이즈 2

Building on the Melee changes from earlier this year, Phase 2 introduces devastating new combat techniques, smoother combos, the return of manual blocking and more!


헤비 어택Phase 2 introduces new Heavy Attacks for all Melee Weapons. These attacks are slower but deal a mighty punch. String them together with your default Melee Attacks to create a symphony of destruction.

느리지만 강력한 공격

Melee attacks now work in mid-air! Now you can live out your gravity-defying ninja combat dreams.

공중 적용 가능 밀리

Certain Melee attacks can now lift enemies into the air, leaving them exposed to follow-up attacks. Attack them in mid-air to keep them juggled and trapped in a world of pain.

일부 근접 공격은 적을 띄울수 있음

The Combo system received a wide array of changes, including more intuitive combos for Melee Stances, a Combo Counter rework and smoother combo transitions to keep your flow going.

콤보와 스탠스 개편

We gave Melee Weapons their long-awaited rebalance pass, which includes Melee Weapon stats, Melee Mod rebalances and more.

근접 무기류 리밸런스

Thanks to your feedback from Phase 1, manual blocking and a full Melee-only attack state have returned!

Learn more in our official Dev Workshop.

수동 블로킹과 


바우반/앰버 리마스터

This update. delivers two highly requested Warframe reworks ⁠— Vauban and Ember! Vauban’s Kit allows for crowd control on the go and introduces a suite of new offensive capabilities, including the devastating Orbital Strike. Ember’s Kit synergises around her new Immolation Meter, which grants her some much-needed survivability and increases her firepower. We hope these changes strike a balance between adding exciting new features and facelifting old favorites. Read the Dev Workshop for the full details!


티타니아 디럭스

Like a moth to a flame, bewitch your friends as Titania Deluxe. Includes Deluxe Skins for her Dex Pixia and Diwata Exalted Weapons, a Gunblade Weapon Skin and a set of Titania Armor.

Titania deluxe


Engorge yourself on this feast of new Gear and Customizations, fit for a voracious predator.


그렌델 콜렉션The full collection includes the Grendel Warframe; the Grendel Glutt Helmet; the Masseter, an unusual crankshaft-style Heavy Blade; the Sumbha Syandana; and 3-Day Credit and Affinity boosters.

Glutt helmet and sumbha syandana


그렌델 글러트 헬멧Dinner is served. An iconic helmet for Grendel.


숨바 샨다나A most curious syandana and one favored by the gallant gourmand, Grendel.

Sumbha syandana


마세터Grendel's signature weapon.Tear and chew through enemies with this unusual crankshaft-style Heavy Blade.

크랭크샤프트 같은 그렌델의 중도검


바스카 카밧A drinker of life, this Kavat prowls the Plains upon dusk. Vasca includes two exclusive Mods: Vampiric Bite and Transfusion. Vampiric Bite allows her attacks to bypass armor and steal health for her master, while Transfusion allows her to sacrifice some of her health to raise her fallen master while in bleedout.

황혼을 거니는 생명의 포식자. 

전용 모드인 뱀피릭 바이트는 공격시 아머를 무시하고 적의 체력을 주인에게 보냅니다.

트랜스퓨전은 바스카의 체력 일부를 소모해 출혈 상태에 빠진 그녀의 주인을 소생시킵니다

Vasca kavat


티그리스 테마 동반자 아머Adorn your most-worthy Kubrow and Kavat in this sleek armor of Tenno origin.

Every day you complete one mission in-game between October 25 and October 27, you’ll get an additional entry in our Become A Real Space Ninja Contest! One lucky Tenno (selected at a later date) will win $250,000 towards a trip to space. Click here for full contest rules and guidelines!


  • Pexilus Mod Slot: An extra Mod Slot for primary and secondary weapons, exclusively for Utility Mods!

  • 펙실러스 모드 슬롯:주무기와 보조 무기용의 추가 슬롯

  • Three additional purchasable Upgrade and Appearance configs, meaning you can expand it up to 6 total per Warframe and Weapon!

  • 3종류의 추가적인 업그레이드와 치장용 아이템 워프레임과 무기 하나 당 6개까지 확장 가능.

Let the feast begin, Tenno.

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Over`s Lord | 60.119.***.*** | 19.10.19 16:20
Over`s Lord

그렌델 이름 나오기전에는 커비(별의 커비)였지요.ㅋㅋㅋ

데크라니안 | 223.33.***.*** | 19.10.20 00:35

그렌델 4번 비쥬얼적으로 너무 별론데...차라리 먹고 흡수한다는 기믹을 살려서 -괴혼 굴려라 왕자님- 처럼 됐으면 재밌었을거같은데

U MAD? | 61.43.***.*** | 19.10.19 16:34

다좋은데 재미가

검정스피커 | 223.38.***.*** | 19.10.19 18:10

진짜 일 열심히 하는거 같네요 ㅋㅋ

루리웹-2128098680 | 114.71.***.*** | 19.10.21 10:43

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